The Fenoglio Boot Company offers two brands in a truly Texas-born and Texas-made boot, the James Montague boot and the Fenoglio boot.

Featuring the finest in traditional all-leather construction and classic styles inspired by those first developed here in Nocona in the early 1900s, you can order with custom options or shop our current inventory and buy your new Fenoglio boots today.


Our top-of-the-line Fenoglio Boot represents the finest in quality, materials and craftsmanship that you’ll find in a Texas-made boot.  We start with the choicest of hand-selected leathers sourced from around the world and here in our own back cattle ranches, from exotic hides like Ostrich, American Alligator, Caiman, Teju Lizard, Stingray, Nile Crocodile and Elephant to more traditional Cowhide and American Bison.

Our Fenoglio Boots feature hand-stitching and traditional and fancy patterns, leather inlays and other custom touches reserved for only the finest of cowboy boots.  They are all-leather-construction from the stacked leather heels to the pull straps, from the hand-trimmed leather outsoles and traditional lemonwood peg construction to calfskin lining and a full leather insole and that molds to the shape of your foot for that original cowboy boot fit.  We don’t make tennis shoes and your boots shouldn’t have synthetic or gel inserts any more than your tennis shoes should have a leather heel.  Nope.  The Fenoglio Boot is built traditionally, the same way it would have been made when the Fenoglio family first started settling in Nocona way back in 1886 as the cowboys were passing through driving cattle up the Chisholm Trail to market in the north.

Where other brands might take shortcuts in construction and incorporate inferior hides and synthetic materials that can deteriorate and shorten the life of a boot, the Fenoglio Boot takes the long way to making a great boot that fits you and your tastes just right.  Whether you prefer a round or a square toe, a riding heel or a roper, fancy embellishments and intricate stitching patterns or just traditional good looks and functionality, the Fenoglio Boot is constructed to the highest standards and built to last a lifetime.

Whatever your preference in shape, fit and styles, we offer Fenoglio Boots through our online and retail outlets, or we can make you a customized pair of Fenoglio boots if you give us a call or come see us at our retail boot store.   Regardless of your tastes, the classic good looks of the Fenoglio boot is unmistakable.  You can literally choose every aspect of the Fenoglio boot to your liking, knowing that it will be built the right way, and at a price that isn’t weighed down by the ridiculously high mark-ups you see in other “so-called” Texas boots.  This is the real deal.  You don’t have to take out a second mortgage to own a pair of our first-rate Fenoglio Boots.  And you’ll be proud to walk tall in these full-leather, traditionally-constructed boots, made right here in Nocona, Texas  U.S.A..  As we like to say, “There’s nothing finer than Fenoglio.”



Our best-seller, the James Montague Boot (JM for short) is recognized throughout the boot industry as the best value in a truly Texas cowboy boot.  At prices starting under $200, you won’t find a better choice in a functional boot made this side of the Rio Grande than our JM boots, from our non-exotic JM styles featuring cowhide and American bison, to our exotic line of JM boots in Ostrich, Caiman, Crocodile, Elephant, Python and many other hides and styles ranging from traditional to out of this world.

In the James Montague line of boots, we pride ourselves on providing a range of attractive, tough and quality boots to fit any tastes, whether for work or play or places in between, and with our unique cushioned insole you’ll be comfortable wearing your JM Boots right from the start.  Try on a pair of James Montague Boots today and see why quality Texas boots don’t have to be outsourced to Mexico for you to get a better value.  Our skilled craftsmen and boot makers proudly build every pair of James Montague Boots with quality leathers and traditional construction techniques right here at our factory in Nocona, Texas, the birthplace of Texas cowboy boots.